DNA Protected

Anti-theft program bike

The world #1 Anti Theft solution for bicycles

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Approved by USA Department of Justice & Home Land Security

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Protect your bicycle against theft & burglary

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Easy to apply

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Great value

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Deters theft

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How DNA PROTECTED forensic pen works?

  • The Forensic pen contains a special, ultra resilient, UV traceable ink which is virtually impossible to remove.
  • Each Pen comes with a unique PIN (Personal Identification Number ), on the top of the box , which needs to be written on the item you wish to protect. It’s as simple as that.
  • Once the PIN is written on your bicycle, it needs to be registered to your name in our Database.
  • In the lid of the pen you have an integrated UV light, to check and read your marking. The same way the Police can detect the marking and locate the owner of the bicycle in the database, in case of burglary or theft.
  • We recommend to mark your Bicycle on multiple spots for extra security.
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Benefits of DNA PROTECTED forensic pen?

  • A unique PIN is applied which is invisible of naked eye.
  • The PIN is stored in an international high security data base, which can be accessed by police if your bicycle is stolen.
  • The Forensic Pen marking can be detected, when exposed to UV light and serves as a legal proof of ownership.
  • It’s virtually impossible to remove the DNA PROTECTED Forensic Pen marks, making it extremely difficult for burglars & thieves to sell your bicycle or parts of it.
  • For increased efficiency, warning stickers are applied on the bicycle as visible deterrent to thieves.
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Your DNA PROTECTED Forensic Pen pack includes:

  • A Forensic pen with integrated UV light in the cap and a unique Pin on the top of the box
  • 10 different stickers
  • Instructions manual
  • Instructions of use
  • Free registration in our high security database


Police & User Guide

Typical marking points

  • Frame
  • Frame
  • Cassette & Rear derailleur
  • Wheels
  • Handle bar
  • Suspension fork
  • Crank, Chain ring

Bicycle are marked with warning stickers, to prevent burglars & thieves from committing a crime. The same way Police officers know that the bicycle has DNA PROTECTED forensic marking applied. We recommend applying the stickers, as visible as possible, for prompt detection.

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The client’s unique PIN code can be read under UV light. It consists of special ultra durable and non-erasable ink

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DNA PROTECTED is an innovative security company, giving you the latest forensic crime solutions methods. With microdot technology and forensic pens, we are indisputably linking criminals to their crimes & thieves to their stolen goods. Forensic marking is the application of DNA to an object in order to make it distinctive, unique and undoubtedly recognizable. How else would you be able to pick one mobile phone from a pile of 100 of the same make and model? Serial numbers and other identification methods are being detected and overridden as thieves keep advancing and adapt to the newest security measures. The goal is to apply markings without hurting the look or the quality of the item on the one hand and are as good as impossible to remove on the other.

The process is very simple. A DNA PROTECTED sticker has been applied to indicate that a vehicle is marked with a unique forensic code. Police Officers are using UV lights to find the forensic mark on your car. Once detected they need to use the magnifier to read the code on the microdot. Checking the code in the database, the owner of the car is identified in an instant. In case stickers are removed or damaged, Police Officers are still able to detect the unique PIN under UV light.

Typical marking points are the locations on your car where your PIN has been written/applied. These are usually the most expensive and valuable parts of your vehicle and police officers are also trained and guided to look for these marks. In some models & brands, typical marking points may vary and naturally, users are free to mark additional points to this criteria.