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Innovative protection for brands, insurances, business and retail.

Discover the best technologies to fight counterfeit, theft and fraud.

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DNA Protected

Anti-counterfeit technology

Protect your brand against counterfeit and fake goods

We are a specialised Technology and Service provider, dedicated to protecting your brand, product or intellectual property.

It is essential to obtain a valid patent or trademark for your brand and we are here to make sure it is being respected. Whether you sell a service, a product or need to validate personas and signatures, we have the perfect solution for you.

Our customers include Sports brands, such as football- hockey- or rugby clubs, retail companies in fashion or electronic, as well as food and beverage - just to name a few.

Law Firms, Accountants, Banks, Insurances and Government officials use our services to validate signatures, documents, passports, IDs, contracts or even currencies. The possibilities are endless. Whatever you need to Protect, we have the perfect solution for you.

How does Counterfeit affect my business?

Counterfeit is the root of a substantial annual loss of revenue and workplaces, not to mention the trust of faithful customers.

The amount of illicit produce on the streets, black-market and in shops is growing by the minute. It is time to act and take back the reigns.

We need to provide sellers with the possibility to check the legitimacy of the produce they are about to re-sell, to avoid the loss of their license and to strengthen their relationship to you – the brand.

Likewise, we enable customers to validate the genuinity of an item before they purchase it to avoid a loss in trust when they receive bad quality, holding you responsible.

How can we help?

Our line includes adhesive labels, which are not printed or laminated in a traditional way, but the very process is an integral part of the overall design, making it as good as impossible to duplicate by a third party.

All marking labels and products are designed to operate with our proprietary verification/authentication Technology and Software, as well as your own validation software.

Verification is available on or offline and fully customizable to your needs. This way the application of our system is made as comfortable and easy as possible.

All options are fully customizable and unique to you and your brand. The same applies to our service to you. After a careful evaluation of your company and product, we can advise you on the most suitable protection for your brand and services.

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Protect your business against theft, fraud and counterfeit

In the business world, there is a lot of vulnerability when it comes to theft or fraud. However, forensic marking has been used for crime prevention with great success for quite some time. Our methods are popular with businesses, insurance companies, and retailers.

Numerous industries are making use of our forensic marking system to secure their stock:

  • Established brands can benefit from microdots to identify their stock from counterfeits and to help diminish black markets of stolen goods and imitations.
  • Stores, on the other hand, can be sure the item someone is exchanging is an original—not a counterfeit, itself.
  • High-street stores, shops and department stores. They all have something in common, as they experience the same difficulties.
  • Insurance and real estate companies have been using microdots for over 20 years to prevent burglary and fraud.

And you can too! Feel free to get in touch and ask for a non-obligatory consultation to analyse your safety needs.

Forensic property marking kits

DNA Protected forensic marking presents a clever, efficient and cost-effective solution to decrease the level of theft or fraud in businesses, internal or client-related, significantly. It is hardly surprising, therefore, that it has become such a popular crime-fighting tool.

In-store, our forensic range offers protection against theft in the form of shoplifters, fraud or counterfeit exchanges. Besides, it is easily integrated with most security systems.
Protecting your own inventory and protecting your client’s assets may just raise the service standard to excellence. Whether you need to protect stock, material, tools, decor, means of transport, personal belongings, companies belongings… we have the right solution for you.

security marking business |

DNA Protected Microdots

security marking business |

DNA Protected Forensic Pen

You can protect your business from being a target of criminals by using DNA Protected technology.
Contact us for large quantity orders.

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Advantages of property marking

security marking business |

Deter thieves from even trying to steal your valuables

security marking business |

Help police forensically linking thieves to a crime

security marking business |

Make it more difficult for thieves to sell your stolen goods

security marking business |

Increase the chances to recover your stolen goods

Business security marking

Business security marking increases the recovery of stolen goods by over 80% because all methods contain a unique PIN which police can search in our highly secured database, to extract information, linking the marked goods to their registered owner. In other words, DNA Protected technology connects the dots between an item and its owner, giving the Police the necessary tools to not only identify stolen property as such, but to identify the rightful owner on the spot.

DNA Protected users have at least one unique numeric code, registered to their name, in our secure database. Beyond that, we recommend marking as many of your valuables with either the microdots or forensic pen. What has long proven to be a successful collaboration in the USA and Canada, we are now offering in Europe.