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Holographic technology

The holograms are produced as stickers in different sizes. They come in standard sized sheets or rolls, fitting most models of printing machines. They can however be produced in different sizes needed by individual clients.

We work with shipping companies such as DHL, UPS, FedEX, International Distributions Services etc. In most of the cases we use sea freight transport for the shipping with Track & Trace Reference.

No. Any device with camera and QR scanning function, can be used to scan the Holograms/QR codes. You will need to have an active internet connection to be able to verify the authentication of the Hologram in our Verification & Authentication software http://www.verifythisnow.com/dna If you would like to fully verify the authentication of our holograms, you can scan the embedded forensic markers via our Track & Trace Aplication – DNAProMAX!

Our DNAProMAX – Track & Trace application is presently available for ANDROID phones. IOS – coming soon.

We have Generic Designs, which can be fully adapted for any company. However personalized designs are available on request, in which case our team of holographic and graphic design experts work closely with the client to achieve the desired design. Ask for more information!

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Our verification page http://www.verifythisnow.com/dna is directly linked with our Verification & Authentication software. The designing of the verification page is under control of our IT experts.

Forensic Marking

Forensic marking means to issue an object with DNA. Marking it with a unique code will make it distinguishable, and identifiable amongst other, similar or identical objects.

There are several different methods to mark an object with DNA. Bio-chemical codings for example, however, these need to be swabbed and sent to a laboratory for results, making it a long and weary process. The most popular methods are our Microdots, and the Forensic Pen, which can both be identified by the user and Police on the spot, with help of UV lights and a mini microscope, which are included, as needed in the purchase of the according kits.

We can not guarantee that you are safe against theft and burglary. However, each forensic marking method includes warning stickers and if applied correctly and visibly to onlookers, your chances to be burgled or mugged are reduced significantly.

Domestic areas who have more than 50% of inhabitants protected and signalled as protected have been known to reduce burglary by over 80%.

We can not guarantee the return of your belongings, as this is out of our control. However, the marking and registration of your belongings will make it much easier for police to recover your items and return them to you. The use of DNA Protected increases your chances to recover your items by over 80%.

Every DNA Protected crime solution method is resilient and long-lasting. It is not possible to simply wipe them off or erase them with the help of general cleaning products.

It is possible to remove the markings, yet not without damaging the surface of the item notably, which may reduce the value of the item significantly, making it harder to sell, therefore much less attractive for thieves.

Yes, they probably can. That's the reason we recommend the marking is applied on hidden spots and in case this is impossible, then to be applied in various spots, to make it harder to identify by thieves in case of robbery.

Yes, you can. Many retailers sell good quality UV flashlights but we can not guarantee they work. We highly recommend our own product due to the fact that it has been designed especially for the Forensic Crime Methods we are using.

Of course, you can. As many as you like.

DNA Microdots

Microdots are little discs ( 0.03 mm in diameter), engraved with a width of information that has been shrunk to fit and can only be read when enlarged by a minimum of 60 times. The use of Microdots has its roots in WWII; where they were used for undetected communication between the allies. Rather than in the letter itself, the important message would have been printed on a microdot, cleverly disguised as the dot of an i or a period.

Using microdot technology as forensic evidence, the discs are engraved with a unique code, which needs to be registered in the database, acting as proof of ownership. The microdots will then be applied on any item to be protected. 2 or 3 microdots on a hidden/hard to reach spot. It works best to repeat on various spots of your item. The police may use this evidence in court-proceedings, as well as linking the item to the rightful owner or the criminal to the crime. The discs are embedded in a special resilient glue, which is almost impossible to see, unless directly exposed to UV light.

The special glue, in which the microdots are embedded, is very resilient. This is not to say, however, that it is invincible. Having said that, microdots tend to last an average of 5 years, regardless of the weather conditions. The UV tracer of the glue may be noticed to diminish over time when exposed to direct sunlight over long periods of time.

Each Microdot kit includes a small microscope, which comes in the form of a clip-on device for your mobile phone camera. You can view them through the microscope and zoom until you have a clear reading.

Yes, it does. Our microscope has integrated UV light which can help you to identify the marking zone. For best results, the distance of the UV should not exceed 5 cm to the marked surface. For improved visibility and better identification of the marked spots, you may want to opt for our Forensic UV flashlight.

Yes, you can. Our microscope has integrated LED light to help read microdots in dark light environments or during the night.

Yes, you can. Our microscope has a manual zoom option. Once clipped on and adjusted, you will have no trouble reading your Microdot code.

It is true that many of the newer smartphones change cameras as you zoom. The majority, however, come with an option to disable this setting. Please check the settings guide for your make and model.

Forensic Pen

The DNA Protected forensic pen is an invisible ink writing device, used to protect ownership of one's belongings against theft and burglary.

The pen has a UV light/blacklight integrated in the lid, which can be used to view the markings.

The forensic pen is filled with invisible ink and counts with a UV light in the top of the lid. Each Pen comes with a Unique PIN code on the box, which you need to write on to your belongings in as many spots as possible, preferably in hidden spaces, less exposed to friction. The ink becomes visible when exposed to UV light, if you have to prove ownership.

There are no limits to the types of items you can mark. The only exception is living matter. Please refrain from marking living beings or plants. Please make sure to read the Installation guide before applying the product.

The ink in the forensic pen is long-lasting and resilient, lasting for about 3 to 4 years. However, the time may vary, depending on the surface structure and the placing of your mark. We always recommend a rougher structure and to apply it in multiple and harder to reach spots.

Technically yes. It is up to you, if you would like to keep using your old code or generate a new one with each purchase of a new pen.

You may find it more comfortable to use one code for all your items or keep separate codes for different areas of your home/life/work/etc.


Law Enforcement worldwide will be able to access the database and search for items and owners, in order to return the stolen items once they have been recovered.

GDPR applies throughout the entire DNA Protected Website and Database.

You need to report the theft like you would normaly, informing the police that your belongings are marked. Be sure to tell them your PIN, marking method and our name DNA Protected.