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RF AES Hologram

RF AES hologram refers to a type of hologram that uses Radio Frequency (RF) and technology to provide enhanced security features. These holograms Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) are typically used on products or documents to prevent counterfeiting or tampering. The RF technology allows for the hologram to be scanned and verified using a wireless device, while the AES encryption ensures that the hologram cannot be replicated or duplicated without the proper key.

DNA PROTECTED is creating a complete solution to prevent theft and falsification of a product and document. The RF AES technology mixed with out unique holograms including DNA ProQR, DNA ProSMART Mark & all forensic marking giving the businesses the tool to prevent theft or falsification.

This type of hologram is commonly used in industries such as pharmaceuticals, electronics, and luxury goods to protect against fraud and piracy.

DNA Protected


Holographic – Technology

Counterfeit is one of the biggest problems faced in retail across the globe. Damages to genuine brands include substantial loss of profit, jobs and credibility. All of which take a massive impact on our economy.


Over 5 Million
Lost Jobs


More Than €60 Billion
Lost Profit


Around 4 % Of Counterfeit
Goods In Trade

Protecting your Brand means protecting your revenue, reputation and the relationship with your customers. Trademark registration and patents are the first steps to take, however they are not always enough.

Is your factory producing more than they should? Is someone duplicating your products? Unfortunately, these are common scenarios and explain the overload of fake and counterfeit produce on the streets but also in shops.

Say ‘’NO’’ to Counterfeit with our patented technology, including tamper and fake proof marking, serialization and Track & Trace features. We make it easy for you, your licensed resellers and customers, to check your products genuinity and beat the circulation of illegal produce.


Our patented technology is supported by our DNA ProVTN Verification & Authentication Software as well as the DNA ProMAX Track & Trace Mobile App for instant verification of Products as well as Security Documents, Contracts...

Holograms are one of the most utilized and recognized Brand, Currency and Security Document anti-counterfeiting protection elements. Over the years the complexity of design and security features evolved into very intricate, sophisticated and eye-catching product. In many cases the hologram is also an integral part of the overall design of banknotes, packaging and even security documents. Today’s origination technologies offer high security micro and nano elements and other overt and covert high security features. All of the above makes holograms from DNA Protected virtually impossible to emulate and counterfeit. All of the technology advances make holograms safer, but very hard to actually authenticate outside of the forensic environment. Introducing DNA ProMAX, a proprietary mobile phone application to 100% verify and authenticate hologram, product or document originality.

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DNA ProNFC is a unique combination of high security holography and Near Field Communication technology, creating several layers of protection and authentication.

The first 3 layers of protection are holographic visual, forensic and machine readable. The fourth layer is our DNA ProMARK, counterfeit proof synthetic DNA strands. In combination these multiple layers of protection are impossible to emulate. The fifth layer is the NFC technology, which adds instant authentication, verification and Track & Trace mobile app capabilities.

DNA ProNFC is the latest document protection and authentication system. It is a unique combination of high security holography and NFC (Near Field Communication) technology creating several layers of protection and authentication:

  • The first 3 layers of protection are holographic visual, forensic and machine readable.
  • The fourth layer of protection is our DNA ProMARK made of counterfeit proof synthetic DNA with up 1.13 quadrillion combinations making these four layers impossible to counterfeit.
  • The fifth layer is the NFC technology, which adds to the DNA ProNFC an instant authentication, verification plus Track & Trace mobile app capabilities.
  • DNA ProNFC thinFILM the new hologram & NFC hybrid for secure documents.


Offering product information for the retail consumer, as well as in-depth technical data on any item such as automotive/aerospace components and pharmaceuticals, the list is endless.

Dual Functionality

In addition to its ‘smart label’ capabilities IoT DNA ProSmartLABEL offers dual functionality by including a Brand protection system, fully capable of supporting numerous proprietary ‘high-end’ security elements. It is a top solution for any product at a standard label price.

Fully Customizable

Our DNA ProVTN (Verify This Now) software is fully customizable to any particular Brand or situation. The content and data can be displayed according to preferences with additional facilities for customer interaction, such as marketing, promotions and competitions etc.



Designed to operate in tandem with our proprietary verification/authentication DNA ProVTN (Verify This Now) software and DNA ProMAX, or the customer’s own validation software.

Full Mobile Track & Trace App A simple and yet very powerful mobile app allows any item marked with the DNA ProQR to be instantly verified as an original. Simply scan the DNA ProQR with a smartphone, enter the relevant PIN and information about the product is displayed.

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DNA ProQR is the only fully holograpahic QR (Quick Response) code. It is not printed or laminated by any traditional means and is a fully integral component of the overall hologram design, making it virtually impossible to emulate:

  • As a self-adhesive label or hot stamp foil onto paper documents.
  • Border control, authentication and verification – Partnered with the WCO.
  • Asset and inventory stock control + instant real-time Track & Trace.
  • Online access by smartphone – no specialised hardware or software required.
  • The app can be hosted anywhere; either our, or your server.
  • It is fully customizable to any particular situation.


An anti-counterfeiting system that utilizes microencapsulated polymorphic DNA fragments for the marking of security documents as a biological fingerprint.
Complex security barriers make it impossible to replicate by any would-be counterfeiter and also facilitates instant verification of the presence of customer specific DNA with a simple low cost portable device and a Bluetooth enabled mobile device. The device identifies the specific document DNA signature, sending the results to any authorized mobile unit for review.

The DNA ProMARK harnesses the power of the genetic code to provide solutions to the growing worldwide problems of counterfeiting, forgery and product diversion.
The technology employs unique DNA gene segments and other biological markers in combination with exclusive optical indicators to represent the most effective anti-counterfeiting document protection technology available

  • Instant visual or electronic verification of the security mark via hand held scanners.
  • Secret DNA code – impossible to decipher or duplicate – trillions of codes available – 100 base pairs used in codes.
  • DNA component is well known by courts as “proof positive” for conviction of counterfeiters.
  • It can be inserted into an inkjet cartridge and then applied with a regular office printer. The DNA can then be detected on the printed document.
  • Sequential numbering may be applied to all applications for additional tracking capabilities.
  • Distribution of DNA ProMARK, and the DNA Matrix used to make them, is fully controlled, tracked and audited to prevent over-runs and unauthorized applications.
  • Longevity – Will outlive the document it is applied to.
  • Used and proven on 100’s of millions of products from Sydney Olympic merchandise to Rugby World Cup, from secure documents to assets, from international Wines to Artwork.
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DNA ProMAX Track & Trace Mobile Application & DNA ProVTN (Verify This Now) Verification And Authentication Software

The DNA ProMAX app connects the mobile phone to DNA Protected proprietary Legitimark DNA ProVTN (verifythisnow) authentication and verification system. Legitimark not only authenticates and verifies, but also offers optional Track & Trace, logistics, loyalty program, marketing and advertising modules. The below shows the flow starting from scanning an item utilizing one of the DNA ProMAX app functions, connecting to blockchain, verifying the item stored within the IDP (item digital passport) module and displaying the full item details. Item details range from simple text to any of text/photo/video/sound/animation/URL combinations.

Key advantages

  • Fully customizable to brand, government or any entity.
  • No costly HW, SW and no wires and batteries needed.
  • No internet connection required.
  • Easy to use. Results in seconds. No bar code scanning. No data entry (PIN codes).
  • 100% hologram security overt and covert code recognition and authentication. Covert features are visible by naked eye. Covert features in micro and nano-text from the size of 4 micron at 100 nanometers resolution. Ask for details.
  • Verify and authenticate hologram, product or document originality in seconds.
  • Access product and document details and data with one touch of a button.
  • Link the app to your loyalty program, membership and customer engagement.
  • Utilize the app for further marketing of your products and services.
  • Full Track and Trace function support DNA ProMAX mobile application feature.

DNA proDOC Fully Customizable High-Security Paper?

DNA proDOC is the latest proprietary anti-counterfeiting solution from DNA Protected.

It is loaded with numerous high-end security features with additional anti-photo copy and scan-proof properties.

Its flexible design features allow for fully customizable options even for low volumes. It is comparable to CBS paper but at considerably lower prices.

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Security Printing Paper with Holographic Microdots

Security paper is a vital product in today's production of secure documents, documents of value, and also packaging. With the addition of the holographic microdots to the paper during production, we have created a virtually counterfeit-proof paper.

Due to the complexity of the holographic microdot and the complexity of the holographic surface of the microdot, the paper has such high anti-counterfeiting properties , that is it nearly impossible to reproduce.