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The basic use of forensic pens and microdots are pretty much the same. Microdots are embedded in a UV-traceable glue which is being applied to the item in question, instead of the ink in the pen, which is simply applied by writing on the item. Which one to choose is more than anything a question of preference.

If anything, microdots are better suited to smaller items, such as jewellery, while a large area like a car may be better paired with a pen. But we would like to stress it is up to your personal choice.


Instructions for DNA Protected Microdots

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Instructions for DNA Protected Forensic Pens

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If you want to find out the best places to mark your car, bike or motorbike, please check our anti-theft programs.
These programs are followed by the Police when checking marking spots.

Most popular uses and helpful tips

We put together some of the most popular uses for DNA Protected. To get an idea of what to mark and how have a look through these:

Bikes and wheels

One of the most popular uses is the marking of all wheels, the bike being the number one item.

The chances of recovering a stolen bike are slim without marking and the warning stickers help to deter potential thieves.

However: Even though our Microdots are almost impossible to remove, we generally advise placing them in hard-to-reach spots for extra protection. Ideal places can be behind the chain or gearbox. Under the saddle and under the frame in a bike or the inside of the doors or under the hood of cars for example.

Please refrain from applying the mikrodots on places that are easily spotted, exposed to too much light or bad weather conditions as well as places that may have frequent friction, such as the dynamos, pedals, brakes or a door handle, for example.

Always place the warning stickers in plain view to get the best results.

* Microdots do not replace a bike lock or car alarm! DNA Protected offers additional protection & peace of mind.


Electronic gadgets

Mobile phones, personal computers and video gaming gadgets are on the top of the list of stolen items.

Not least because they are on the shopping list of both burglars and pickpockets alike. We provide stickers in small sizes to warn of potential thieves however not everybody wishes to display them.

Forensic marking is a powerful tool to recover a lost or stolen item in a pool of similar items, otherwise impossible to allocate.

When marking electronic gadgets, we recommend not to place the microdots in plain view but in more hidden spaces, like underneath a cover or on the sides.

* Please be careful not to accidentally seal any important outlets like microphones or charging ports with the DNS Protected glue!


Worn and carried-on

Put at risk on a daily basis are the items we carry on at all times.

A mobile phone or wallet may be stolen out of the back of your jeans as well as a lady’s handbag. Worn jewelry like watches have also been known to be stolen straight from the wrist.

While the placement of warning stickers is rather unlikely in these cases, knowing it is a lot more likely to be reunited with one’s possessions after they are stolen, makes the placement of DNA PROTECTED more than worthwhile.

The Microdots are best placed in the folds of wallets and handbags or on the back of watches. Delicate items like jewellery are ideally marked at the clasps or back as well.

* Please be careful not to place the glue on the surface of precious stones directly. They may lose their shine and apperance.


Warning signs to prevent thefts

Even though we recommend placing your DNA Protected microdots in several hidden places on your item, the warning signs may well be visible. Your kit contains warning signs and stickers in several sizes. By marking your home and individual items with a warning, you will scare off most thieves and burglars. Your average criminal is looking out for an easy victim. By placing warning signs at the front and back of your home, potential burglars will think twice, whether or not to set foot on- let alone in your property. Any item marked as protected and traceable loses its appeal quite fast.