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Anti-counterfeit Solutions

Patented Anti-Counterfeit – Technology

Counterfeit is one of the biggest problems faced in retail across the globe. Damages to genuine brands include substantial loss of profit, jobs and credibility. All of which take a massive impact on our economy.

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Over 5 Million
Lost Jobs

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More Than €60 Billion
Lost Profit

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Around 4 % Of Counterfeit
Goods In Trade

Protecting your Brand means protecting your revenue, reputation and the relationship with your customers. Trademark registration and patents are the first steps to take, however they are not always enough.

Is your factory producing more than they should? Is someone duplicating your products? Unfortunately, these are common scenarios and explain the overload of fake and counterfeit produce on the streets but also in shops.

Say ‘’NO’’ to Counterfeit with our patented technology, including tamper and fake proof marking, serialization and Track & Trace features. We make it easy for you, your licensed resellers and customers, to check your products genuinity and beat the circulation of illegal produce.

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Forensic marking technology

Forensic marking, also known as security marking, is the application of DNA to your valuable items, such as jewellery, electronic devices and vehicles, for example. It cannot be seen by the naked eye and is very difficult to remove, which is why it is the perfect solution to make your items distinctive, unique and undoubtedly recognizable. How else would you be able to pick one mobile phone from a pile of hundreds of the same make and model? Serial numbers and other identification methods are being detected and overridden as thieves keep advancing and adapting to the newest security measures.

Forensic marking has been around and exists in various shapes and methods. While each one may ultimately lead to the identification of the item’s owner, some may require sending swab tests to laboratories to obtain results, making the process more complicated and tedious. DNA PROTECTED only uses methods, which allow for on the spot identification of the status and owner of the item in question. Pair this with a database, accessible by police across the globe and you have the winning forensic anti –theft method on your hand.

The goal is to apply markings that do not hurt the look or the quality of the item on the one hand and are virtually impossible to remove on the other. In crime detection and the identification of stolen goods, this means ensuring to reunite these items with their rightful owners. This is why our type of security marking is considered one of the best anti-theft marking systems out there.

Our security kits

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DNA Protected Anti-Counterfeit Products and Technology

With our range of inimitable products, added onto your labels or tags, your authenticity can not be questioned.
With our special readers, technology and ´Track & Trace´ option, your products genuinity can be verified in seconds.

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DNA Protected Microdots

The idea is simple: shrinking a code 60 to 100-fold to make it impossible to read without the aid of a microscope and apply it in a hidden place. It will give a unique DNA to an item, which before might have not been easily recognized when compared to identical models. The microscope allows Police Departments to identify an item as yours and return it, once recovered.

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DNA Protected Forensic Pen

Invisible Ink – Who doesn’t remember playing spy and doing magic tricks with the first “magic pen” in their childhood? It was an item then and it is an item now! Of course, you can purchase an invisible pen anywhere. It is the Pen, in combination with the Database and the Police Program, that makes DNA Protected so much more than a product.

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DNA Protected Smart Bicycle Lock

App controlled high-security smart lock for bicycles, e-bikes, scooters, etc. Say NO to theft with a lock that is hard to break and has a built in alarm function as well as real time data.
Comfortably unlock via bluetooth or app and thanks to the solar panel you won’t risk running out of power. The only lock you need to protect your ride. Suitable for sharing or rental bikes.

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DNA Protected Bicycle Tail Light

We care for your personal safety.
Remote controlled Tail-Light, which informs of your every move during night-time traffic. Rear light, and indicators left and right, at your fingertips plus automated brake lights guarantee full visibilityof yourself and your bike. A laser beam reflects your bicycle’s perimeter onto the ground to give you even better protection from traffic around you.

The forensic crime solutions method, indisputably linking criminals to their crimes
and thieves to their stolen goods, fascinates users everywhere.

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Supported by police forces

stolen items on the spot

Handheld UV lights and special clip on microscopes for mobile phones allow the identification of stolen items on the very spot. Access to the database allows the identification of the lawful owner.

crimes from happening

The use of warning signage on individual items, as well as on the front of a gate/house, has proven very effective in domestic areas in the UK and US. Burglary has experienced a decrease of up to 85%.

Our High security database is accessible by Law Enforcement worldwide, who can now link back the item to the legitimate owner.

the sale of stolen goods

Our High security Software for 2ndhand and pawnshop transactions, allows Law Enforcement to control, trace and prevent the sale of stolen goods. We dedicate ourselves to install the use of said registry in every possible 2ndhand vendor throughout Europe. Our trusted Partners, in the USA allow cross-referencing of goods worldwide, making it nearly impossible to sell a stolen item undiscovered.

DNA partners with Police Departments to help them return stolen goods to their rightful owners. Hundreds of government institutions across the world already successfully apply forensic marking to protect residential areas and to regain stolen property. The benefits include being able to identify stolen property on the spot, linking stolen items to a particular burglary, and its list of stolen inventory.

Police Departments are expected to catch the thief and to return the stolen items to the rightful owners, if not prevent crimes from happening in the first place. A job, not always easy to deliver on.
Recovering stolen items entails an extremely strict procedure, recording each of them. This entails a full description, the brand, model, serial number, etc.

The current percentage of unidentified and, therefore, unreturned items lies at about 90%. Fortunately, our forensic marking technology, reduces this percentage significantly. You can stop theft, fraud and counterfeit. All you have to do is use our forensic marking products.

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Supported by the Police

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Easy to apply

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Deters theft

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Great value for money

Mark your properties to deter burglars

Forensic marking products are used to protect business and personal assets simply, quickly and without damaging the product. This type of security marking acts as a deterrent to criminals, as it has proven to reduce crime by up to 86%. Moreover, it aids police efforts to identify, arrest, and convict criminals. Make your valuables less attractive to thieves by using a police approved forensic marking solution only visible under ultraviolet light! It could be either a microdot or a special marker using invisible ink. All of these measures help police identify stolen goods, making it harder for thieves to sell. What are you waiting for? Mark your properties and register them in our international database.

Protect single items

Property marking isn’t only for things like cars or bikes, you can mark any item you are afraid to lose or have stolen. From your mobile phone, watch, jewellery or wallet to your bike, scooter, motorbike or car. When the police recover stolen goods, they can now be traced back to you thanks to the unique pin code on the microdot registered to your name.

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Protect your Home

The same way you can mark the items you carry along, you can mark everything of value in and around your home. So, in the unfortunate event of a burglary, there is a remarkably high chance your possessions will find their way back to you thanks to microdot identification.

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Protect your Business

In the business world, there is a lot of vulnerability when it comes to theft or fraud. However, thanks to DNA Protected you can protect your business against theft, fraud and counterfeit. Whether you need to protect stock, material, tools, decor, means of transport, personal belongings, company belongings… we have the right solution for you.

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Trusted by

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    Susanne Grainer Mannheim

    "My family home was burgled twice. The feeling of unease and intrusion is incredible. We have now protected the home, Garage and everything inside, with DNA Protected and are feeling a lot more secure."

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    Lucia Montanari Milano

    Forensic expert

    "Of course nothing is 100% but this makes our lives a lot easier. We have been able to observe an increase of returned stolen items thanks to DNA Protected forensic marking."

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    Jeron Kuipers Rotterdam

    Co-founder - Get it Fast

    "I came across this by chance when I was looking for theft protection for our courier bikes. Now we use it for all our inventory. Never looked back! Great work guys, thank you."

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    Henning Gross Hamburg

    Risk Assessment Manager

    "We have been using the DNA forensic range for some time and our clients love the extra protection. Next to a significant increase of new clients, we also expect damage reductions in the future."

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    Damian Russel London

    "I tried the DNA Protected Microdots after a friend recommended them. You do feel protected, but when I actually got a call that my stolen phone was found at a pawnshop, I was more than surprised this actually works. Well worth it!"